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P-Series Phono Cartridge mm-Shibata

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The P Series Shibita moving magnet cartridge differentiates itself from its competition with innovative design to offer exceptional performance. Experience the difference of the S Series cartridge - a true testament to innovation and craftsmanship in audio technology. Unlike the commonly used plastic cartridge bodies of its competitors, the P Series Shibita features a custom-built solid bamboo cartridge body with a nepheline undercoating. The resonance properties of bamboo are renowned and contribute greatly to the success of this design while the beguiling nephiline acts as a sonic diffusor. The P Series Shibata stylus is quite narrow and can extract an exceptional amount of detail from the record groove that other stylus designs cannot. This feature improves on the P Series’s excellent channel separation (25db @ 1Khz) and a frequency response of 20hz-27000HZ elevates the value many times its asking price. The availability of replacement styli guarantees your long-term enjoyment of this exceptional product.

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