• b series passive pre amplifier front with remote.
  • b series passive pre amplifier back
  • b series passive pre cabinet side.
  • b series passive pre amplifier remote.


passive pre-amplifier

Product #7216


Class D, Single Ended


5 RCA, 1 Balanced XLR


2 RCA, 1 Balanced XLR


Packed with Dampening Wool


Bamboo Cabinet Features Acoustic ‘Waffling’ to Break Up Sound Waves


2 X Passive Isolating Transformers for Balanced Signal Output Through RCA

full specs

Our Passive Pre-Amplifier offers unprecedented musicality. Utilizing two passive isolating transformers for a balanced signal through the all five (5) inputs not only extends the frequency response it banishes noise associated with ground loops. Featuring an Elma switch with our 4 layer in house circuit board design and shielding with MuMetal(™) to prevent contamination from ultrasonic and RF interference. The beautiful bamboo case packed with natural dampening (fire resistant) sheep wool to produce a truly musical listening experience.

Power: 12 Volt DC 5 Amps, Linear Tube Buffered

Tube: One (1) NOS GE 5670

Gain: Three Position Gain Selector Switch for Tube Output

Shield: Copper Sleeve Tube Shield

Pre-Amp: Pre-Amp Section Shunt Resistor Design

Shielding: Shielded in MuMETAL to Protect Against External Magnetic Fields and Prevent Contamination Due to Ultrasonic and RF Interference

Headphone: 6.3mm (1/4”) Jack with Built in Headphone Amplifier

Input: Six Inputs, Five Stereo RCA Inputs, One Stereo Balanced XLR

Balance: 2 Passive Isolating Transformers for Balanced Signal Input through RCA

Output: Stereo RCA

Cabinet: Bamboo with 1/4” Anodized Aluminium Face Plate

Remote: Bamboo Encased Remote Control Included


W: 9″ (22.86cm) H: 7″ (17.78cm) D: 12″ (30.48cm)