P Series Turntable Front.
  • P Series Turntable Front.
  • P Series Turntable Overhead View.
  • P Series Turntable Back with Inputs


ta 1 turntable

No Tonearm – Product #7229

With TA 1 Tonearm – Product #7230

With TA 2 Tonearm – Product #31085


33.3 & 45 rpm


Bronze Collar Bearing with ABEC7 Carbonized Ceramic Ball Bearing


Single 24 Pole Synchronous AC Motor


Removable Spindle Cover

Arm Length

9” (229mm)

Anti-Skate Adjust

Anti-Skating Mechanism

full specs

The P-Series TA-1 Turntable is designed for serious audio enthusiasts that balances extensive features with a competitive price. The TA-1 is a uni-pivot design and includes VTA, anti-skating, removable spindle cover, cardas wiring, an impressive sub platter, and bearing assembly. The TA-1 is a unique design, featuring solid bamboo plinth, platter, and tone arm. It presents a warm, natural, engaging sound. When matched with a good quality cartridge the TA-1 can rival other turntable models many times their price. The TA-1 has been a featured product in our audio shows for the past 8 years.

How to Set Up P-Series TA-1 Turntable

Table Details

Motor: Single 24 Pole Synchronous AC Motor

Pulley: Brass Pulley

Speed: 33.3 & 45rpm

Drive: Belt Drive

Platter: Bamboo Platter

Spindle: Removable Spindle Cover

Sub Platter: Aluminum Sub Platter with bronze shaft.

Legs: Leveling Legs and Sorbothane Iso Feet

Bearings: Bronze Collar Spike Bearing with ABEC7 Carbonized Ceramic Ball Bearing

*Accommodates B and P-series 9" tonearms.


W: 21.5" (54.61cm) H: 14" (35.56cm) Weight: 4kgs (9lbs)

Arm Details

The P-series TA-1 Tonearm #7230 is a manual arm made from 3-ply solid bamboo. The 9” TA-1 Tonearm can be purchased independently and mounted on most turntables. It is fitted standard on our TA-1 Turntable #7230. The 9″ version #10726 mounts on both P-series and B-series Turntables. The 12″ version #10727 only mounts on the B-series Turntable. The TA-1 and TA-2 tonearms are not compatible with our TA-0.5 Turntables.

Material: Three Ply Bamboo Laminate 12mm Thick

Settings: VTA & Azimuth Adjustments

Bearing: Bronze with Brass Collar Spike and Synthetic, High Viscosity Grease Bearing

Arm Wire: Cardas Wire 33 AWG Uninterrupted from Headshell Clips to Brass Female RCA

Arm Length: 9" (229mm)

Tone Arm Mass: 10g

Anti-Skate: Anti-Skating Mechanism

Weights: Brass Counter and Brass Azimuth Weights