s series turntable top with arm and platter.
  • s series turntable top with arm and platter.
  • s series turntable profile with arm.
  • s series turntable back.


ta 0.5 turntable

*Turntable shown with additional record clamp.

Product #18395


33.3 & 45 rpm


Bronze Collar Bearing with ABEC7 Carbonized Ceramic Ball Bearing


Single 24 Pole Synchronous AC Motor


Removable Spindle Cover

Arm Length

9” / 222mm

Anti-Skate Adjust

Passive Anti-Skate

full specs

The S-Series TA-0.5 belt drive turntable is available in two versions. #18395 comes equipped with a 9″ bamboo tone arm. #20489 is a fully complete out of the box turntable complete with standard 9″ bamboo tone arm, cartridge and built in MM phono section. Both versions feature a bamboo plinth soaked in hemp oil, leveling legs, brass pulley, bronze collar spike bearing with an ABEC7 Carbonized Ceramic Ball Bearing and a aluminum sub platter with bronze shaft.

S-Series Turntable Set Up Video

Turntable Details

Plinth: 3 Ply Bamboo laminate 19.05mm (3/4″)

Motor: Single 24 Pole Synchronous AC Motor

Pulley: Brass Pulley

Speed: 33.3 & 45 rpm

Drive: Belt Drive

Platter: 3-ply Bamboo Laminate 19.05mm (3/4″)

Spindle: Removable Spindle Cover

Sub Platter: Aluminum Sub Platter with Steel Shaft

Legs: Leveling Legs

Bearing: Bronze Collar Bearing with ABEC7 Carbonized Ceramic Ball Bearing

Dimensions: H 15.5cm x W 40.9cm x L 33.3cm / 8 1/4″ x 16″ x 32.39″

Arm Details

The S Series 9” (222mm) arm comes pre mounted on either version of the S series turntable. The tone arm features the same handmade bamboo design, soaked in hemp like our table design.

Material: Three Ply Bamboo Laminate 12mm

Settings: VTA & Azimuth Adjustments

Anti-Skate Adjust: Passive Anti-Skate

Bearing Assembly: Bronze with Brass Collar Spike and Synthetic, High Viscosity Grease Bearing

Arm Base: Bamboo Supports on Plinth

Wiring: Cardas Wire 33 AWG Uninterrupted from Headshell Clips to Brass Female RCA with Silver Plated Cartridge Clips

Level: Micro Bubble Level Included

Arm Length: 9″ / 222 mm

Tone Arm Mass: 10g

Cartridge Details

*Only available on PID# 20489

Type: Moving Magnet

Stylus: Elliptical Bonded

Cantilever: Aluminum Pipe

Load Impedance (Recommended): 47K Ohms

Load Capacitance (Recommended): 100 – 200 pF

Frequency Response: 20 – 22,000 Hz

Output V: 4.0mV

Channel Seperation: 20db (1KHz)

Body: Bamboo

Coating: Napheline

Weight: 5.2 Grams

Replacement Stylus: Retipping Available

Cartridge Mounting Kit: Yes

Tracking Force: 1.8g to 2.2g (2.0 Tested)

Phono Details

Phono Amp: 5mv, 47ohm Cartridges

MM/MC: MM only

Bypass Switch: Phono Bypass Switch for use with an external phono amp.