• s series dac 3 spdif front.
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dac 3 spdif

Product #27358

EQ Mode

4 Digital Filter Settings for System Tuning




1 Stereo RCA


Plug and Play Functionality

High Power Output

350mW Each Channel

full specs

Digital Volume Control Allows the S-series SPDIF DAC to Function as a Preamp, and Headphone Amp.

High Power Output: 350mW Each Channel

4 Digital Filter Settings for System Tuning

LED Off: Short Delay Sharp Roll Off

LED Red: Short Delay Slow Roll Off

LED Blue: Short Roll Off

LED Purple: Sharp Roll Off

Features Plug and Play Functionality

Input: SPDIF (RCA) or USB-B

Output: Left and Right Female RCA

Power Supply

5V DC Linear Power Supply

Savitech SA9037 USB Audio Processor

AKM AK4490 High Performance DAC

TI TPA6120A Dual Channel High Power Amplifier

USB Audio Class 1.0 24 Bit/96KHz

High Voltage Output at 4.88 Vrms Line Output

High Power Output at 2 x 350mW Low Impedance Output

0.5 dB/Step Digital Attenuation


USB 2.0 Cable A-Male to B-Male

1 Meter RCA Stereo Interconnect