tuning devices

Fine tune your listening room.

pure silver wingots in bamboo diamonds.

pure silver wingots




Resonators manipulate sound fields and soundstages, as well as attenuate ultrasonic waste. When properly placed, they play an intrinsic role in improving a system’s acoustics. Each Wingot Comes with Bamboo Diamond Stand

bamboo diamonds with ball bearing feet.

bamboo diamonds


Product #10827

Set of 4

Solid Constrained Layer Bamboo

Hemp Oil Finish

3 Brass Ball Bearing Feet

Environmental Room Tuners and Equipment Isolation Feet

Imparts Bamboo and Brass Voicing to Your System

mounting clay.

mounting clay


Product #21676

Acoustic Clay for Mounting Speakers to Stands and Tuning Devices to Walls and Other Surfaces.

bamboo jelly beans in a row.

jelly beans


Product #20548

Set of 12

Solid Constrained Layer Bamboo

Hemp Oil Finish

Environmental Room and Wall Tuners

four tri art audio isolation feet with sorbothane pads.

tri-art iso feet


Product #21681

Sorbothane® Hemisphere and Bamboo Cup Isolation Feet

four bronze spikes.

bronze spikes 8m – 1.25mm


Product #10842

Set of 4

Solid Bronze with Brass Locking Nut

four bamboo speaker cup feet.

bamboo spike cups


Product #21671

Set of 4

Bamboo Cups for Equipment Isolation

Aids in the Distribution of Compressed Air

Dampens Vibrations

Learn why spike cups are a great addition to your system.

three bamboo diamond isolation feet with sorbothane pads with ball bearing feet.

diamond iso feet


Product #31137

Isolation feet to keep your equipment vibration free. A solid 3/4 inch constrained layer bamboo diamond shape finished with hemp oil. Complete with brass ball bearing feet and 1 1/4 inch Sorbothane pad.