Montreal Audio Fest 2017

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“…a woodworking feast of natural Bamboo and extremely natural sound.”


“[Tri-Art] spun musical lines with an effortlessness and warmth that made me want to sit and stay.”


“It’s small, but the Mini appears to be a lot of speaker for $1100/pair.”

Salon Son & Image 2015


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“Transients were unusually fast. Speed, clarity, air, attack, transparency – these are the hallmarks of the Tri-Art open-baffle sound.”


“The watchword was detail, but detail without brightness or artifice—and this system’s spatial performance was remarkable…”

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“Fit and Finish is stellar.”

CES 2015


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USA Today: Bamboo Turntable Plays Sweet Tunes

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014

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A Serious Turntable Sports Wood (Bamboo Actually), by Michael Fremer

Salon Son & Image 2014



“…these speakers are really amazing sounding, with soundstage and imaging that trumped many much more expensive rooms at the show.”


Wall of Sound “Best New Product” Award and “Best Mid-Priced Product”

“…uber-detailed, yes, but also organic, warm, and thick, with a massive soundstage.”


“The Bam Bam Tower was belting out some serious bass…”


“Original, certes, musical, certainement!”


“…these guys seem to be onto something.”

CES 2014



“…well-worth listening to.”


“All the beautiful woodwork you see is multi-layered bamboo.”

Salon Son & Image 2013



“Tri-Art…keeps on doing some innovative things with bamboo. What’s more, they’re making everything in Canada.”

“Tri-Art also showed their new entry-level turntable, also called the Pebbles. The Pebbles features all-bamboo construction, including the arm and platter.”


“While making my way from room to room I caught a glimpse of an interesting turntable and rack and just had to make my way into the room. Inside I found a very unique and exotic bundle of products by Tri-Art Audio.”


“I find the concrete and bamboo design of the Tri-Art gear both intriguing and appealing.”


“The Pebbles gets high marks for being so damn cool and so reasonably priced: $1200 without cartridge.”

CES 2013



“Best Sound (for the lowest price): Rosso Fiorentino’s Certaldo loudspeakers ($5,995/pr) driven by Tri-Art Audio electronics…”

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“The Block combo features a belt driven bamboo platter, plinth, and unipivot tonearm as well as wood clad power supply…”


“It uses organic materials in its construction, such as bamboo for its casework that is stuffed with locally sourced lamb’s wool for dampening (yes, lamb’s wool in an amplifier!)…”

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“These guys really get it, and had a great selection of music to show off just how musical their system could be.”

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“If I were giving out awards for “Best Look”, Tri-Art would win. Their stuff is sweet looking, wow.”

TAVES 2012



“Here’s a wild one to end off or product coverage. Tri-Art Audio’s bamboo turntable was a very attractive piece of…”

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“Tri Art Audio was back this year looking very slick and polished.”

“…the same bamboo-clad T amps by Tri Art Audio — but with new gain chips moving away from Tripath”

Salon Son & Image 2012

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“A turntable sitting in the back of the room caught my eyes…”


“Tri-Art makes amplifiers, preamplifiers, and other gear that look like handsome stone cubes.”

TAVES 2011

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“And now for something completely different? Enter the complete line of Tri-Art Audio electronics.”

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“Sounding better than most I’ve heard.”

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“The novelty of the approach was backed up by decent sound quality”


“Voilà un système qui sort résolument des sentiers battus.”

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“Only when the chip is isolated from vibration can its virtues be truly experienced.”