The Sprout Series

A series of accessible products designed for lovers of fine audio.

Enjoy the plug-and-play experience this family of products offers.

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The Pebbles Series

A cost-sensitive family of products, designed with new audiophiles in mind.

Features quality components hand-selected to appeal to a range of listening preferences.

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The Bam Bam Series

A family of products with BIG sound and lots of attitude.

Bam Bam is geared toward the real audiophile enthusiast while maintaining a strict price point.

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The Block Series

The Block family allows unparalleled creativity in the pursuit of the purest sound.

Our reference level series is in the process of being re-designed.

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Celebrate Audio With Us!

In not one… not two… but THREE exhibition rooms, we will be showing of a great range of products from Sprout to Bam Bam.

Come and spend some time with us in rooms 1312, 1314 & 1316!

Turntables, Speakers, Amplifiers, and more! Free Admission!

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future shock album

An Ode to Music

We at Tri-Art are beside ourselves with joy in reading the words of Kamarr Richée, who felt he had to write about his experience listening to Herbie Hancock’s Future Shock on the Pebbles Turntable through Audeze LCD-2 Headphones at CES 2015.

We’ve been granted permission to share his ‘ode’ to music with our fans. Please read on!

Lost in Sound, by Kamarr Richée