Tuning Devices


Pure Silver Wingots

Resonators manipulate sound fields and soundstages, as well as attenuate ultrasonic waste. When properly placed, they play an intrinsic role in improving a system’s acoustics.

  • Each Wingot Comes with Bamboo Diamond Stand

Pure Silver Wingot Soft
#18405 MSRP* CAN $285/ US $250

Pure Silver Wingot Hard
#18406 MSRP* CAN $285/ US $250

Bamboo Diamonds

  • Solid Constrained Layer Bamboo
  • Hemp Oil and Beeswax Finish
  • 3 Brass Ball Bearing Feet
  • Environmental Room Tuners and Equipment Isolation Feet
  • Imparts Bamboo and Brass Voicing to Your System

Bamboo Diamonds (set of 4)
#10827 MSRP* CAN $54/ US $45

Jelly Beans

  • Solid Constrained Layer Bamboo
  • Hemp Oil and Beeswax Finish
  • Environmental Room and Wall Tuners

Jelly Beans (set of 12)
#20548 MSRP* CAN $54/ US $45


Mounting Clay

  • Acoustic Clay for Mounting Speakers to Stands and Tuning Devices to Walls and Other Surfaces

#21676 MSRP* CAN $13.80/ US $12

Tri-Art Iso Feet

  • Sorbothane® Hemisphere and Bamboo Cup Isolation Feet

Tri-Art Iso Feet (set of 4)
#21681 CAN $28.75/ US $25


Bronze Spikes 8M – 1.25mm

  • Set of 4
  • Solid Bronze with Brass Locking Nut

#10842 MSRP* – CAN $92 / US $80

Bamboo Spike Cups

  • Bamboo Cups for Equipment Isolation
  • Aids in the Distribution of Compressed Air
  • Dampens Vibrations

Bamboo Spike Cups (set of 4)
#21671 MSRP* CAN $51.75/ US $45



 *Prices shown for CAN/USA only and may be subject to change in other countries.