b-series speaker cable (pair)

B-series Speaker Cable (pair)

0.5M Silver (pair)

Option Coming Soon

3.0M Silver (pair) #16709

$452.40 can/$377 us

Details and Specs

interconnect cable

Interconnect Cable

Stereo Balanced XLR 1.0M Silver Cable (pair) #20553

$430 can/$375 us

Stereo RCA 1.0M Silver (pair) #20552

$320 can/$275 us

Stereo RCA 1.5M Silver (pair) #16710

$375 can/$325 us

Details and Specs

1.5M Power Cable

1.5M 11AWG Amplifier Power Cable #20555

$395 can/$350 us

1.5M 13AWG Source Device Power Cable #20554

$360 can/$300 us

bamboo cable stands

Bamboo Cable Stands


$72 can/$60 us

Details and Specs