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P-series 3.0M Speaker Cable (pair)

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B-series Speaker Cable (pair)

  • Single Strand of Solid Core Smelted Copper
  • Teflon Sheath
  • 14 Guage
  • Gold Platted Banana Plugs

0.5M Silver (pair)
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3.0M Silver (pair)
#16709 MSRP* CAN $452.40/ US$377

Interconnect Cable

  • Silver Platted Solid Core Copper
  • Gold RCA

Stereo Balanced XLR 1.0M Silver Cable (pair)
#20553 MSRP* CAN $430/ US $375

Stereo RCA 1.0M Silver (pair)
#20552 MSRP* CAN $320/ US$275

Stereo RCA 1.5M Silver (pair)
#16710 MSRP* CAN $375/ US$325

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1.5M Power Cable

1.5M 11AWG Amplifier Power Cable
#20555 MSRP* CAN $395/ US$350

1.5M 13AWG Source Device Power Cable
#20554 MSRP* CAN $360/ US$300

Bamboo Cable Stands

Hand made bamboo stands that are designed to support most audio cables. Isolating your system from vibrations will help achieve better, clearer sound.

  • Isolates Cables from Surface Vibration
  • Solid Constraint Laminate Bamboo
  • Pack of 5 Stands

#9401 MSRP* CAN $72 / US $60

 *Prices shown for CAN/USA only and may be subject to change in other countries.