Amplifiers, Receivers & CD Players

Our Amplifiers utilize Class D amplification. The D-Class chips offer superb power but can suffer from microphonics (noise). Only when the chip is isolated from disturbances can its virtues be truly experienced. The correct combination of design and material house this chip for a clean, superior amplified performance. All of our amplifiers are encased in bamboo.

Our cabinets are fine tuned with unbleached natural (fire resistant) sheep’s wool. We construct the cabinet with acoustic ‘Waffling’ to Break Up Sound Waves. The bamboo is soaked in Hemp Oil and sealed in Beeswax. Hand-Brushed Aluminum adorns the front and back plates. An internal Pair of super tweeters break up Internal Box Resonances (B-Series only). The result is a power amplifier that performs well beyond its weight class.

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b-series 60 watt stereo power amplifier

B-series 60W Stereo Power Amplifier


$2394 can/$1995 us

Details and Specs

b-series 60 watt stereo integrated amplifier

B-series 60W Stereo Integrated Amplifier


$3120 can/$2600 us

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b-series passive pre-amplifier

B-series Passive Pre-Amplifier


$1554 can/$1295 us

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p-series 35 watt receiver

P-series 35W Receiver


$900 can/$750 us

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p-series 35 watt integrated amp

P-series 35W Integrated Amp


$900 can/$700 us

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p-series CD/blu-ray player

P-series CD/Blu-Ray Player


$900 can/$750 us

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